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frequently     asked     questions

Do you Offer other desserts?

Yes, We offer other dessert. our other offerings include cake pops/cakesicles/ cake cubes & sticks, brownies, lemon meringue pie, key lime pie, banana pudding, personalized & decorated sugar cookies, NY style cookies, macarons, and artisanal popcorn

Cake Servings

My cake servings are based on wedding serves of 1” x 2”. This portion size is equivalent to regular sized cupcake. If you are looking for larger party serves 2” x 2” please choose the next size up in cake size. This will ensure you have plenty of cake for your guest.

How do I keep and store the cake?

My cakes keep fresh in the for 5-7 days although some decoration may vary. If you are not eating the cake the day of pickup/delivery store the boxed cake in the fridge. It would be best to store the cake in a drinks fridge or a fridge with no odors. This will prevent the cake from picking up odors that could be in the fridge. The cakes are butter based and best served soft so it is best to bring the cake to room temperature about 45 mins- 1 hour before cutting.

How do I transport the cake?

Smaller, non-tiered cakes may be transported by the customer in the enclosed box. It can be safely transported on the floor on the passenger seat and air conditioning blowing. To ensure the cake arrives safely to the destination, driver slow and cautiously around corners. Although cakes may be safely transports in the floor of the car it is ideal to have a passenger hold the cake in their lap for the journey. For my larger cakes celebration and tiered cakes, I would like to offer you my delivery service (fees apply).

Are you a nut free kitchen?

My kitchen is NOT a nut free kitchen. Although a few of my cakes and desserts contain nuts or nut products, others may contain traces of it. Please keep this in mind while serving your guest. if you are or are serving our desserts to an allergy suffer please notify us in advanced.

Best way to cut tall cakes

For short, 2-layer cakes I recommend cutting the cake into square cuts. Cut a 1” deep cut all the down the cake, pushing the slice into a large plate or board. Cut this large slice even further into smaller 2” increments and serve. Continue cutting the cake this way, 1” deep slice then 2” cuts until you reach the end of the cake. For taller cakes (3 and 4 layers) repeat this process but instead cut slices in 1” x 1” coffee servings. Cutting the cake in this method allows for the maximum amount of portions.

How do I properly store left overs?

You can store left overs in an airtight container and freeze to be enjoyed at a later date. To ensure the best quality of the cake, be sure to fully defrost before eating and do not store longer than 30 days post initial cut

Do you offer delivery?

I do offer delivery services but this is limited to larger celebration and tiered cakes (or as discussed). My delivery fee $35+ tax for standard deliveries in the greater Richmond area, otherwise $2/mi for distances from Richmond and from $50+ tax for wedding/tiered cakes for delivery and setup time.

How much notice do you need for booking?

I recommend 3-4 weeks minimum notice to place an order As my spots are limited each week for orders, the sooner you contact me about your order, the better chance I can take it.

Do you offer gluten free products? 

Unfortunately at this time my kitchen is not offering gluten free products. My kitchen is working tirelessly to perfect our gluten free cakes, cupcakes and brownies. Once we produce a product we can be proud of they will be available for order.

Is there a minimum order requirement?

Please note I do have a minimum order requirement for certain items. Please see the specific item for ordering details.

Additional Designs

If you would like optional features added to your cake such as meringues, choux pastries, edible gold or silver leaf, fresh florals, wafer paper flowers, wafer paper/rice paper sails, and edible photos- please let me know in the contact form so I can quote you appropriately.

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